"Selfish" is a collection that represents the key to a balanced life. At first glance, the captivating design convinces the audience in believing it represents the support of only being selfish. However, contrary to one's initial thought the fish represents the act of being selfless. The time put behind less important things which in turn causes one to work less, lose motivation, and lose their rhythm; you become empty. A place where everyone has been before.

On the other side, the anchor represents the importance of self-care. This is the foundation of who one is; your values, morals, standards, goals, and aspirations. Everything that makes you who you are.

"This season I grabbed a design from my archives. Honestly, in the beginning when I first sketched this design, it was about five years ago in a Starbucks back home. I juggled the thought of people not understanding the artistry in the design. Fast forward to now. Funny shit that growth has taught me. Life experiences give you a clear conscience understanding of the most important things in life. The small, medium and large. I didn’t even understand the design until now."

The Art Exhibition Collection was inspired by empty thoughts and adventures. While creating the Art exhibition collection it was difficult to find inspiration, but ironically everything around me became an inspiration. You read that right. I just wasn’t inspired by anything enough to actually create an entire collection so I didn’t. I did it all from cut & sew to clothing restructuring during this entire season. I enjoyed it, to say the least. I was able to create on different projects and land collaboration deals with a couple of LA-based brands. I was able to give myself time to just breathe and create without any guidelines. That's what what The Art Exhibition was all about. This isn’t the last you’ll see of this collection, though. We have a lot of unreleased designs for Exhibition 1.0.

Stay tuned. 

The Bolt Collection came about after I moved to California from my hometown Little Rock, AR. I wanted to design something that would be more of a statement piece. Nothing you could just dress up. I wanted my pants to decide what you needed to dress around it. When asked what the lighting bolt meant to me, I always told people " If you think about rain, the lighting comes before the storm."

I feel like ROPES is constantly growing and expanding. The storm has yet to happen for us, but we feel it coming.

Being our staple design after the release, we’ve managed to keep the designs coming for The Bolt Collection. You’ll find us using different ideas around the clock trying to decide a new pair to release.