It’s GO TIME. Stop allowing fear to ruin your life. 

by definition, a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or IMAGINED

This blog will discuss just why and how you should get over a fear. I’ll be talking more to the artist or creators of the world in this discussion. Feel free to comment and/or share.


To me when I ask this question of myself, I have to  pause. There’s a ton of shit I could be fearful of.

But l am honest with myself, so fuck it! 

For me my BIGGEST fear is being irrelevant.

Perhaps finding at the end of this journey, hopefully years from now, that I somehow didn’t actually make a difference in the world. Discovering that the world wasn’t a better place because I was in it. You feel me? 

No, this is not a pity party, but an open and honest dialogue, that I have often with myself. Something I encourage you to do as well.

I guess you reach a certain age and it’s natural to look back at all that you’ve done, good and bad, and allow yourself a bit of introspective reflection. I also think it’s healthy to be somewhat disappointed or dissatisfied in what you’ve accomplished thus far. Maybe even have a little of regret in not living life more fully but I hold strong on my mindset that I’ve never regretted anything in my life, I can just see where you coming from. Then of course that mental path leads you to the crossroads of today and beyond. What‘s next? What I need to do? What do I want people to remember me as? This damn mental game of gymnastics, at least for me, often brings up feelings of self-doubt, and yes, fear. It would be easy to suppress these feelings and ignore this little bubble in the pit of my stomach making me feel like I just drank an entire bottle of Hennessy. You know the one that says you can do better. You can make a difference. You can still be relevant damn’t!

I am not naive enough to think your fear is the same as mine. But whatever fear you do have for your own life, embrace it, understand it and then refuse to let it define you. Otherwise that fear will control you even if only in your own mind. And that’s how fear wins. That’s how you go broke? That’s when you become lost...

We ten toes down in the shit. No Folds!

Just something to think about. 




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emachepen मई 22, 2021

Good shit. Fear hit different when u going broke. Sometimes it keeps u there til u had enough.

Dirdy Souf मई 13, 2019

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