About Designer

R.O.P.E.S. Clothing is operated by designer Felix Milton. ROPES is an acronym for Respect Other People’s Edgy Styles.

"Growing up, I always had my own style. I never much cared about what people thought or said about what I was wearing. I wore the shit because I liked the way it looked and, in turn, how it made me feel.  I started out grabbing clothes from Goodwill or just any second hand shop I could find. I would, then, take a jacket apart and add things to it. I knew I wanted to look fly and I didn’t have much money, so I made whatever I found look like I may have paid at least 100 dollars for it. That was my thought every time I bought something new. How can I make this look dope and expensive?!

I'm an Arkansas native who eventually dropped everything and moved across the country to follow my dreams of being a world-renowned designer. Over the years I’ve overcome many obstacles and situations, which all have gotten me so far. I can’t really say much has changed over the years, but business is better than ever. I enjoy the limited pieces I drop. Being the really private person that I am, when I put out a piece I feel like I’m giving a bit of myself away. It’s a roller-coaster for real! 

Stay inspired people!" -F. Milton