Respect Other People’s Expressive Style 

Words from owner/Designer Felix Milton. "Growing up, I always had my own style. I never much cared about other peoples opinions on what I chose to wear. I remember getting certain stares on days I would choose to wear some of my girlfriends jewelry because I thought it looked fly. The way I got into fashion going to Goodwill or just any second hand shop I could find that had great quality pieces I could turn into something new without breaking the bank. I would then take a jacket apart and add things to it. I knew I wanted to look fly but more importantly to me was for it to look exclusive like I had paid over 300+ for it. That was my thought process every time I bought something to up-cycle. How can I make this look dope and expensive?!

An Arkansas native who eventually dropped everything and moved across the country to follow his dreams of being a world-renowned designer. Over the years he's overcome many obstacles and situations, which all have gotten him so many opportunities in the industry. From collaboration with major brands and fashion houses to seeing our favorite celebrities in his pieces.

ROPES is about making people feel good about the pieces they add to their collection. At ROPES we have one motto, "If the piece fits you and its looks good. WEAR THE PIECE" 

Stay inspired people!" -F. Milton