Our first official menswear collection "No More Parties in Scotland" was inspired by a trip to Scotland that designer, Felix Milton, took the month of April 2022. The trip was intended to celebrate his birthday along with close friends. They planned to spend two weeks traveling Europe, but Felix had one request that ultimately gave life to this entire collection. 
The agreement was..
If they were going to spend two weeks in the UK, they had to travel to Scotland and visit a tweed factory to purchase some traditional tweed for his new collection for the upcoming winter.  

The group spent 4 nights in London before heading to Scotland to spend the day. The plan was to land in Scotland for the day, sight-see, and visit the factory to grab the fabrics for the collection. There was one major problem. While planning this trip no one accounted for them traveling through Easter Sunday. That's right! They landed in Glasgow, Scotland on Easter Sunday and nothing was open. They made the best out of the trip. While some of the group caught up on some much needed sleep from the night before in London, others including Felix took to the street to really uncover what the city was all about. That day trip around the city inspired the fabric, the cuts, and the colors of the entire collection.